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    iOS 10.2 FileMaker Go 14 conflict


      Just recently I've had multiple users report problems with FileMaker Go 14 crashing.  This has only occurred on iOS 10.2 iPads but not all ipads running iOS 10.2.  Problems did not occur prior to 10.2.  The crashes seem to occur when new records are created.  This issue appears to go away with FileMaker Go 15.  Has anybody had a similar problem with FileMaker Go 14?  BTW, I like using FileMaker Go 14 because it does a much better job of viewing and emailing PDFs than FileMaker Go 15.

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          I have experienced a very similar issue.

          Filemaker Go 14 will crash whenever a user clicks the 'done' button on the keyboard.

          This happens even with the "from starter" solutions so I am 100% sure it is not my solution specifically.

          It doesn't happen on all our iPads but the ones it does are all running 10.0.2

          I also prefer FM Go 14 since we have FM Server 14 and my sync framework doesn't seem to work with FM Go 15.

          This is a really bad bug as it crashes the app all the time and basically makes FM un-useable.

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            rgordon and riyan:


            Thank you for your posts.


            Only FileMaker Go 15.0.2 has been certified to work with iOS 10.  Please see Knowledge Base Article #16148 for more details.


            FileMaker Go and iOS 10 compatibility | FileMaker


            If you want to keep using FileMaker Go 14, then make sure the iOS devices are running iOS 9.3 and earlier.



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