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    Customize FM Chart


      I have not used the FM charting / graphing a lot in the past but I have a good use opportunity now, so I began working a feature leveraging the charting capabilities. What I am discovering is that there does not appear to be a lot of control over the appearance of the graph. I am not seeing things like the ability to choose a color or line weight for a series of data.


      Am I missing something simple, or am I expecting too much?

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          You are expecting too much. Charting still has a lot of room for improvement when using the native chart object in FileMaker.


          There are plug-ins that offer more charting options.


          Others use a Web-viewer--often with Java Script to produce charts that are not currently possible with the FileMaker Chart object. I have not myself used a web viewer in this fashion, but I've seen some absolutely stunning examples of this by others--such as some of the things found in Inspector Pro that charts data about your FileMaker solution from data produced by a Database Design Report.

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            David Moyer


            sorry if I misread your question, but you might be looking for the Color Scheme portion of the Styles subdivision of the Chart Setup:


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              Color Scheme adjusts the overall color palette, but it does not allow you to say Series 1 should be a thick (5 point) RED line and series 2 should be a blue dashed line 3 point. etc.

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                Expecting too much. JS charts in web viewers have much more flexibility and usually look a lot better.

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                  I'm not sure you are expecting too much.  I certainly expected more.  But like me you will be disappointed unless you are satisfied with virtually no customization.  That is why you will find many people using plugins or the web viewer. Personally I spent a day getting to know plotly.js ( I was already familiar with using javascript with web viewer so the learning curve was not bad). I have been very pleased with the results and haven't run in to anything I couldn't do (yet).

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                    Or script the following:

                    - export the data to a merge file

                    - Open a (previously set up) Excel workbook

                    - Set the Excel Sheet to auto import the merge file

                    - Use Excel‘s charting tool to your heart's content


                    The user should have a pretty seamless experience.