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    How can I make members be able to submit their queries to the admin


      Hi all.


      I am trying to make a filemaker for members of an association, and they should be able communicate or submit their query to the admin who has the full access to that filemaker.

      the admin should get a popup with the number of queries he had, and the member who submitted the query should get a popup if his query was answered.

      I am using FM 13 pro.

      and taught myself through watching tutorial movies and reading the missing manual , so my knowledge forces me to call myself a beginner in filemaker.


      Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.

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          If you store the admin's email address in your database, you could set this up so that these queries are simply emailed to the admin. (You'd put the address into a record so that if you get a new admin, you only need update the address to get them sent to the new person.)


          Alternatively, you can set up a table where each time a user has an inquiry, they create a new record in a table designed for that purpose. A field in that record can record the status of that inquiry so that the admin can change the status and thus drop the inquiry record from view.


          A start up script (OnFirstWIndowOpen) can check the user's privilegesetname or check for an extended privilege to determine whether or not the user is the admin. If it is, the script can do a find or count related records (or do an ExecuteSQL query) to check for inquiries that have a status showing that they have still not been dealt with. If any such are found, a custom dialog can be made to appear that offers to take the user to a screen where they can read and otherwise deal with the inquiries.


          The first method is by far the simplest to set up.


          The second method keeps the emails from getting "lost in the inbox" as they stay visible until the admin changes their status and also makes it easy for a single mouse click to pop up records relevant to the inquiry.


          I used this last method for a department at my company that supports the efforts of users to purchase products and services from a list of approved vendors. A single click takes the recipient to a view of the relevant PO--which saves them a lot of time when answering such Inquiries.

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            Thanks a lot for your answer,

            I'll try that and keep you posted.