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OSX 10.11.6 FMS15 crashing after schema changes

Question asked by viscous on Oct 20, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by TSGal

Hi TS,


We've got an issue where FMS has crashed after updating schema on LAN from a FMPA 15 client. It's happened two days in a row now, though over the course of about 10 commits/changes--so it doesn't happen every single time and has been difficult to replicate.


The crash happens almost immediately after Manage Database changes are saved. The server abruptly disconnects everyone and there is a crash reported in the logs. When bringing the server back online via the admin console, the database server is toggled off and can be toggled back on. Despite this, the admin console itself then loses other functionality and is unable to manually run schedules, send messages, close files, disconnect clients, etc. until the entire server is rebooted.


After bringing everything back online, the updates to the schema (in this instance a calculation field change) was actually saved to the file. Running advanced recovery on the file in question shows no apparent damage or dropped blocks.


The only noteworthy change in the environment that has happened recently in the past two days is that the developer got a brand new 13" MacBook Pro with a clean install of everything, running 10.11.6 and FMPA15.0.2.220. We haven't tried the latest 15.0.2 server patch, but will do so shortly. No server plugins in use, no ESS connections.


I also have the OS crash log if that would be of any help.