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    Create a Value List with Filtered Records?


      I am trying to create a dropdown (Value List) that only uses records from one table that have specific entries into a given field.


      I have a Contacts Table. Each contact has a "Contact Type". I want to create a dropdown list of all the contacts in the table EXCEPT for one type. I was hoping there was a filtering aspect to the Value List, but no such luck.


      Technically, I am using the dropdown list in the same table as the records, in a popover filling in a global field.


      Is there anyway I can do this? I was thinking of maybe creating a 2nd occurrence of the table and doing something but wasn't sure how to limit to records.

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          David Moyer


          your idea of a new TO is what I would try.  In your parent table, create a global text calculation = "your keyword(s)".  Then, create a new relationship (like the one you have now) and include, or exclude, a match between your new global and the child table.

          (caveat:  not tested; not tonight anyway)

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            When I need this then I create a calculated version of the ID field (or based whatever field your value list is based ) with something like

            Field name: _id_if_active

            Calculation: If ( <WhateverCriteriaYouWant> ; ID )


            Then base the value list on this new field. 


            Note: If you have ID and another value that you are using to make the value list and you are only showing the second field then you actually only need to this with the ID field not the second field and your value list will still come up correctly.