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Ticket Price database based on date

Question asked by pics4u on Oct 20, 2016
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Hello all,

I am working on simple database for selling tickets to an event. I would like it to lookup the price of the ticket based on Ticket level (lower, upper etc) and the date sold.


I have a tickets table that has Ticket ID, Ticket Date sold, Ticket level, Qty and How paid


I have a ticket price table that has Ticket level, Date and Price. I have entered every possible level, date and price combination as separate records.


I have setup a relationship with the ticket and price tables:

Tickets:Ticket Type = Price:Ticket Type


Tickets:Date Sold = Price: Date

I have the Price records sorted by descending Date


For some reason the price for the earliest (and cheapest) price keeps coming up, instead of the last weeks (& more expensive price). I set my test up with this week, last week and the week before that dates. I would also prefer to not enter every single day of the 3 week sales period, generally there are 3 prices changing weekly.


If anyone can give me an idea or direction to go in, that would be awesome.

Thank you,