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I want to create an unique printed report for each set of records where the value in one field, like ID, is the same. It is actually a simple report for each teacher I'm trying to create.


I've setup the following but I must be missing something because I see a continuous print out & not a report per unique set:


  • Imported into a table (from a spreadsheet) that has the fields teacher#, teacher last name, date, clock in, clock out, day's hours
    • 1, Smith, 10/01/2106, 8:00AM, 4:00PM, 7
    • 1, Smith, 10/02/2016, 12:00PM, 4:00PM, 4
    • 2, Doe, ...
  • Created layout with the following settings:
    • "Header" part with report tile, graphics, teacher last name, etc. on that goes on each report
    • "Body" part with, date, clock in, clock out, day's hours fields
    • "Footer" part with a "total" field (add a calculated field that is "Total of" that teacher's day's hours)


What am I missing?


Thank you!