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Stock Control / Inventory / Bill of Materials

Question asked by globe11123 on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2017 by kenuy

The best way to explain this is probably with screenshots of an example of what I would want to come out of stock.



Firstly we have our end product - GSE300-2-15G




There are parts used on this product but also a final assembly - FA300-2-15G



which contains parts but also Sub-Assemblies i.e. SA300-2-RC




This also has parts that need to be taken out.


The way i see it, it would need to take parts out in this fashion.


Product   > Parts

               > Final Assembly > Sub Assembly > Parts > Parts

               > Parts

               > Parts

               > Parts > Parts


In the case of parts taking out parts it would mean that the part has been built up from more than one part.


At the minute I only have the tables to setup the bill of materials selecting product id's. Somehow I would need to link products to products to products etc.



Assembly level and link level have been copied from SAGE, they don't do anything currently.