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    Stock Control / Inventory / Bill of Materials


      The best way to explain this is probably with screenshots of an example of what I would want to come out of stock.



      Firstly we have our end product - GSE300-2-15G




      There are parts used on this product but also a final assembly - FA300-2-15G



      which contains parts but also Sub-Assemblies i.e. SA300-2-RC




      This also has parts that need to be taken out.


      The way i see it, it would need to take parts out in this fashion.


      Product   > Parts

                     > Final Assembly > Sub Assembly > Parts > Parts

                     > Parts

                     > Parts

                     > Parts > Parts


      In the case of parts taking out parts it would mean that the part has been built up from more than one part.


      At the minute I only have the tables to setup the bill of materials selecting product id's. Somehow I would need to link products to products to products etc.



      Assembly level and link level have been copied from SAGE, they don't do anything currently.