Font Issue: Buttons/field labels Appear To Be Some Weird Symbols

Discussion created by danjamins on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by jasontallman

Product and Version: 14.x and 15.x

OS and Version: Windows 7 Professional x64

Hardware: Windows based HP professional desktop (i7, 8GB RAM, 250GB HD)


Open filemaker, and when opening any files the labels on navigation bars, field labels, tab control labels, and every text in the system besides the data that is stored in the fields themselves appears to be in some alien language of symbols that makes no sense at all and doesn't look like any font I've ever seen. The weird thing is, the options menu and login to the solutions are all in english and fine. It only happens after logging into the solution, but after logging into the solution the file/edit/etc. menu is still in english.


I have tried restarting the PC, uninstalling FM14 using revo uninstaller pro to make sure all trace files are deleted, deleting all the Adobe temporary files according to the article below and upgrading to FM15 and the issue persists.


Here is the article I found that seems to be speaking on what I'm experiencing and multiple clients have experienced.

Some fonts are replaced with an unreadable .tmp font | FileMaker


How to replicate: no idea. It appears to happen randomly and even using the fix provided in the link above it doesn't fix it 100% of the time so it seems to fix randomly as well.


Workaround: don't think there really is any workaround besides blind luck and try what is in the article I linked. Sometimes it works, other times I'll do it over and over 5 times and maybe come back the next day and restart and it goes back to normal but always seems to happen again and not on just one of the machines in my workplace domain but several have had this issue. I've experienced it personally as well on FMPA 14/15


My thoughts: It's kind of ridiculous that the issue has been known since 14.x and now we're on 15.x and it still hasn't been resolved. Come on FileMaker team, please make this a priority it is very much a problem when it does happen my company loses money from people not being able to work because they can't navigate our critical database solutions. We have 238 employees here and are now committed with FileMaker at the moment but if issues like this continue to be ignored and not fixed but given a half-assed workaround that doesn't actually work then we will have to consider other options where critical issues like this aren't ignored. Get it together.