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Discussion created by gilo on Oct 21, 2016
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Hello folks


I have a question, concearning distrubution of a filemaker db.


I want to create a db, where a sportsclub can manage its youth players, coaches and all other necessary data.



Building the database will not be a problem, my problem is to give access to a lot of people, in ordre to read or read/write.


My best solution seemed to be webdirect, for this I would need Filemaker Server, where the problems start. In Filemaker Server, the number of users is restricted, depending on the Server licence. So the more users, the more expensive it will get.


Has anyone a solution for this problem?


Does Webdirect really limit usernumber depending on the Filemaker Server Licence? On you find that a user is a person that connects via Filemaker Pro, somewhere else I read that every user connecting to the db (no matter if FilemakerGo, FilemakerPro or Webdirect is a user)



Listening to your solutions.....