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Discussion created by marksystech on Oct 23, 2016
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Hi all,


My client wants to have a general purpose find functionality that lets them find purchase orders in their system on company name, address, items, etc.   Recently they asked if the find could include amount.


The POs are a PO record with the items in a PO items table.  So the total for a PO is calculation defined as:


Sum ( PurchaseOrderItem::PurchaseOrderItem_ExtendedCost ) + PurchaseOrder_ShippingCost


In my find button script I have a bunch of find requests on name, address, etc.  I've been trying to add a find request that works on the PO total.  The find item is stored in a variable $findEntry.


I've tried adding a find request that looks like


PurchaseOrder::PurchaseOrder_Total = $findEntry.     That didn't work.

PurchaseOrder::PurchaseOrder_Total == $findEntry.     That didn't work.

PurchaseOrder::PurchaseOrder_Total = GetAsNumber($findEntry).     That didn't work.

PurchaseOrder::PurchaseOrder_Total >= GetAsNumber($findEntry) & <= GetAsNumber($findEntry).     That didn't work.


I'm probably just messing syntax or something but the Perform Find script function seems to allow a bunch of find requests but the syntax in the find requests is not quite like a script it seems.


If the above is not really gonna work I guess I could always create a global field, assign the value to the global field then find records based on a match with the global field.


Anyway ideas would be appreciated.