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Displaying unmatched records in same layout

Question asked by scoot_ya_boot on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by mike_wallace_rcc

I'm pretty new at FileMaker. I understand the concept, but I have a question that's bugging me.


I'm working on a database to track shipments, when and how much is received, and to show the amounts still in transit.


The setup is the Shipping table, with the Received table related by a concatenation of the SKU and Invoice number, which creates the unique match. I have no issue with getting the amount shipped and received to populate if the correct item is received. However, if we invoice or ship the wrong item, there's no match...  Is there a way to show these unmatched records?


Just for an example, we ship SKU 8001, on invoice 1001, and the match record on the Shipping table is now 80011001. However, they received SKU 8002 on invoice 1001, and match record on the Received table is 80021001... I'd like to be able to see that we invoiced them for the wrong item, and that they received the right item. Right now, it just looks like the invoice is still outstanding. Is this possible in the same layout?