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Basics - populating from another table

Question asked by scfpete on Oct 23, 2016
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I'm new to Filemaker/RDBs so please forgive my ignorance. I am ultimately trying to develop a database to run all aspects of my finance brokerage. It will do two things...manage each deal and act as a CRM to track meetings/calls with introducers and clients and prompt to follow up.


Each deal will have Client, Introducer, Funder, Product as well as commissions, fees, dates etc.


To start and to get my head around building each table/form I have created a simple DB of two tables...Contacts and Funder. The Contact table has  ContactID and Name (I can split to first/surname later) and FunderIDFK. The Funder table has FunderID, Funder. Each contact can have only one funder but funders can have multiple contacts.


I have populated the Contact table with a number of names. I have also populated the Funder table with a number of names. I now want to be able to populate the contact field in the Funder table by choosing a contact from a dropdown box linked to the Contact table. I managed to do this on a previous try which worked but it was then duplicating the contact names in the Contact table (I messed around with Allow Creation of records and then it didn't work again).


Any assistance with these absolute basics much appreciated.