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Access Account and password issue when attempting to use a shared file which has an ODBC connection

Question asked by DominiqueHawinkels on Oct 22, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by alangodfrey

I have written a program that draws some base data from an MS SQL database via ODBC which I can then manipulate.


The program I have written works fine.

However, I have struck an interesting problem when I share the file and attempt to use it from another device.


The other device can open the program but at soon as it attempts to run a script that draws on the ODBC link a message pops up "The account you entered cannot be used to access file. Please try again." and I am unable to access layout displaying data from the ODBC source.


This program has been written to be shared, ultimately on a server, but initially in the acceptance and setup phase it will be shared peer-to-peer.

Is someone able to explain what might be happening and any solution path around the problem.


All and any help much appreciated.