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      I have two separate tables.  One called Passengers and its only function is to hold passenger names and a calculation to add first and last name.  In my main table I have several passenger fields.  What I want to do is have the passenger fields on the main table contain a drop down with a value list pointing to the passenger table.  I have been abel to achieve that, now what I want is to be able to start typing a name "Do" For say Doe Jane and the drop down scroll automatically to the best fit.  That box is greyed out on the inspector, Im assuming its because the tables are unrelated.  I defiantly want this to stay a value list incase someone deletes a old passenger from the list it still shows in a previous table.  Is there a way I can make like a generic relationship to achieve this or ????    Im open to any new suggestions or ideas.  Thanks in advance

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          I see now its because I'm using the values from a second field  is there a way around this in FM 14

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            I have a questions because there can be a number of reasons why the auto-fill as you type feature may be greyed out (or deselected).

            How did you configure your drop-down value list? Does the value list data come from a simple text field or does it come from a calculation field in the other table called "passenger list?

            Did you say that there is no relationship between the two tables?

            What do you mean that the data comes from the second field. Why do you have it coming from the second field?

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              Been doing this for years. You can define a global text field in your first table and format it with a value list of just the names from the second table. This value list can then be autocomplete.

              You then set up a relationship that matches the global field to the name field in your second table so that you can use auto enter options to copy over a unique ID from that table.

              This requires two relationships to two occurrences of that table. One that matches by name and one that matches by ID.

              And since names are not unique, you'll need a script to handle cases where you select a name that matches to more than one record.

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                Also, you mention your concern that "someone deletes a old passenger from the list it still shows in a previous table". You can't do that if the value list comes from the actual field because if the passenger is deleted it will be deleted from the value list as well.

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                  It is from a calculation field.

                  Their in no relationship.  I don't currently need one

                  Firt filed is a display name example. C.Anderson second filed is a calculation Land and First name. 

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                    are the tables external files, i.e. not within the same database?

                    are you drawing from a value list that you initially set-up in the "passenger table"?

                    or is the value list being created in the other table? What do you call the other table btw?

                    I understand you want to have data display as first initial + last name and the 2nd contain the full name.

                    you should be able to still auto-fill i think. But there may be some problem with how the value list was configured to begin with.

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                      For a working example of what you have requested, see "Auto-complete Value Lists II" in this file:


                      Adventures in FileMaking #2-enhanced value selection


                      This is a file of detailed working examples of various enhanced value selection techniques that come with detailed documentation describing how each example was set up and how it works.

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                        Awesome File Phil.  Thanks

                        I can honestly say you have been responsible for everything good in the three databases I have created.  Couldn't do it without you.