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    Textarea field with scroll bar


      Hello everyone,

      Actually i'm working on layout to show my table data, and one of the attributes it's a textarea, and i want to to add a scroll bar to view this field, so i was wandering if there is a way to do that in file maker without showing the keyboard each time the client click on this field.

      Thanks in advance

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          Click once in Layout mode on the field. Open the Inspector and view the Data tab. You should see the setting to display the scroll and its options.


          Send a screenshot if you need additional assistance.


          If the terms above are unknown, let us know. Perhaps they can be searched under the Help menu for a quick answer.


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            Since you mentioned "without showing the keyboard", I guess that you are using FileMaker Go?


            I also assume that you do not want the user to edit your Textarea since you don't want to show the keyboard.


            One way to display the Textarea with scroll bar but without keyboard, is to use a Web Viewer field.  Set the Web Address in the Web Viewer Setup to:


            "data:text/html,<html><head><meta name=\"viewport\" content=\"initial-scale=1.0\" />" & GetAsCSS (TextFont(TextSize( your_table::your_textarea_field  ; 18 ) ; "Arial" ) )


            Note: In the Web Viewer Setup:

                      Change "your_table::your_textarea_field" to your own table and field names.

                      Change "18" to the font size you want.

                      Change "Arial" to the font you want.

                      Check the box "Allow interaction with web viewer content"

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              Thank you for your quick reply, but the field i'm working on is a merge field ,so i can't activate a scroll bar

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                Ok. thank you! that would have been helpful in your original question/discussion.

                You wouldn't see the keyboard when clicking in a "merge field" as it is on the layout and not an "editable" field.

                Perhaps you mean a calculated field?


                Can you post a screen shot or two (browse and layout) for us to help?


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                  in fact i have tried the both methods (merge field and calculated field)

                  1. The problem with the merge field, is that i can't activate the scroll bar,
                  2. And for the calculated and editable field, is that, if i click on the editable field it shows the keyboard.

                  It seems that the solution proposed by Jade worked well for me.


                  Thank you again for your help beverly

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                    awesome! come back again.


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                      I've used another option for this and it did not require a web viewer.


                      Put the merge field inside a popover. Make the popover very larger--larger than the screen of your iOS device. The popover will fill the screen, but you can scroll it up to read the complete text.

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                        Thank you  a lotphilmodjunk