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15.02 update notes imply okay to use recovered file

Question asked by GarySprung on Oct 24, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2016 by mardikennedy

Filemaker, Inc has always told us to not, never, don't use damaged files we successfully recovered. Instead, we are supposed to use the recovery feature to analyze the problem, recover some or all of the data, then use a clean backup and import recovered data if necessary. But the notes for software update, include this:

  • Addressed an issue where copying, pasting, or editing a popover button whose label was a merge field caused the application to close unexpectedly. Note: If the application closed unexpectedly while you were working with a popover button object, you may be able to repair the layout by recovering the file.

(emphasis mine)


A colleague told me recently that his biggest beef with Filemaker is that we cannot or should not use recovered files. He said it's not possible to keep backups of every incremental change to layouts and scripts. Our backups are often not quite up to snuff with structural changes, as opposed to data changes.  Are recovered files really so problematic if the recovery was successful?


I would like to know more about the rule that we should never use a recovered file for production use. Clearly, some files get damaged too much. But if it's just a problem with the catalog of layouts or scripts, or a minor issue with a layout object, is it really so bad to use the recovered file? The update notes seem to imply that the answer is "no" and it's okay to use the recovered file.