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    Print Portal Records


      Hello Everyone,


      It would be appropriated if someone can help me with something on FileMaker..


      Basically, I got a portal with filtered records. Now I would like to print those records with a click button.


      I understand we need another report layout. My question is how would I make these records to appear on the other report layout so I can print them.


      Many Thanks in advance

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          Do you want to print a single selected portal record or all that show in the filtered portal?


          Either way, a button placed in the portal row can be used with Go TO Related Records to pull up the records in the portal as a found set on a layout based on the portal table. From there, printing with the "current record" option prints just the record you clicked in the portal and using the "records being browsed" option prints all of them.


          There are many different layout designs that you might use on that print layout--including a list view layout that lists all the portal records with fields from the original layout's table included in a header, footer or grand summary layout part.

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            I would like to print all filtered shown in portal.

            I got a button at the bottom of the portal.

            How would I use that button to pull up the records from the portal found set.




            The portal is displayed on CustomerProjectHomeCopy layout which filters records from the end table on the right.



            That's the script i wrote but it doesn't work.

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              Stephen Huston

              Your GTRR interface shows you staying on the "current layout" but you need to move to the print layout based on the "child" table.


              You also need a scripted Find on the related Child records to constrain the GTRR set to just those you want filtered, because GTRR doesn't pay attention to the portal filter, just the actual Relationship definition.

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                My original example specified that you put the button inside the portal row. This eliminates the need to constrain the found set. If you put the button outside the portal, you will then need to constrain the found set to replicate the filter criteria that limit what appears in your portal as you will otherwise get all related records not just those that pass the filter criteria.

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                  If i put the button inside the portal row,I believe it will put the button on every row which I don't want to do.

                  I wanted to place the button at the bottom of the portal which somehow would print the records filtered in portal.


                  philmodjunk is there is any chance maybe you can do quick example please.

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                    Thank you. Indeed it does make sense.


                    I got things to working to some extend. However, i'm not bit sure about a script that would constrain the filtered records in portal. Currently, the new print layout shows the first records but not all shown in filter. How would I write script to get all the records from portal.


                    Many Thanks in advance

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                      Stephen, if the GTRR button is inside a filtered portal row, it will constrain to the filter. I wrote an article about aggregates and single-row filtered portals and discovered that GTRR button inside also honors the filter:

                      Aggregates (Summary Fields) in Filtered Portals | FileMakerHacks


                      The demo file shows this behavior. I take no ownership of the discovery - so many of us think the same at nearly the same time.



                      p.s. but you are correct that it's possible to FIND the related records and constrain the find. GTRR is just easier.

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                        I have an example, see my article (linked above). You just copy the filtered portal and set to ONE row. Place the button inside that one row, and place the portal near any other portal with the same filter (simulate a header/footer or summary "row" for portals).