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    dsBenchmark released in Swedish


      dsBenchmark is now available in Swedish - courtesy of johanhedman - many thanks Johan!


      So you can now use dsBenchmark for load testing and benchmarking your FileMaker Server deployments in







      and the original English


      Japanese and German translations are in preparation.


      The download and a link to helpful resources is here http://deskspace.com/downloads.html


      dsBenchmark is FREE and OPEN SOURCE.


      Please do improve it and help our community by recirculating it, I am very happy to encourage whatever you can do to improve this App.


      Cheers, Nick

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          Hi Nick


          Please excuse this jumping in here - not strictly to do with your dsBenchmark but I'm looking for some advice on translation generally and I note you have done this with dsBenchmark. I can thing of only two ways to offer a multiple language version of a FileMaker database. One is to replace all field labels with fields containing the translated field name. The other is to have hundreds of merge variables replacing the labels. Both methods would need a new table for all the translated terms. Merge variable would perhaps allow smaller, more manageable text blocks to be placed. Do you have any view on the best approach to translation? Grateful for any advice.


          Nick Stockbridge