Jim Schliestett

popovers cause delay in ability to enter text in webdirect

Discussion created by Jim Schliestett on Oct 24, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2016 by TSGal

Product and version - WebDirect; host = FMS15

OS and version - iOS 9.3.5

Browser and version - Safari

Hardware - iPhone 6

Description - see below

How to replicate - see below

Workaround - none


When a popover is present on a layout, it takes about two seconds from when a field is clicked on and when it can actually accept text. The cursor shows up in the clicked-upon field right away but it takes a couple of seconds for the field borders to become evident, which is when text can be entered. In the intervening two seconds, however- before the borders show- any attempts to type are fruitless. If the user is like me, they may expect that when they see the cursor in a field, they can start typing... and so they look down at their keyboard and start entering text. The result can be that they get a text string that is missing the first few characters, or- in the case of "state" (e.g. VT) nothing at all.


Before I found that popovers were the culprit, I tried using a simpler theme, removing tooltips, placeholder text, stripping out certain fields... nothing worked.


Then, I tried methodically removing all elements, and ultimately found it was popovers that caused the delay. A single popover (there are several) present on the layout causes the delay. Conversely, leaving the layout in its original rococo glory (not that busy actually), with all the helpful and cool stuff, but removing the popovers (each of which had buttons to further the user in the program flow) eliminated the problem. As a final test, I left one popover, but removed the buttons within it. Still... the delay... same as before.


My conclusion: popovers in WebDirect (at least on an iPhone) will cause a significant delay in the ability to enter data into a field, anywhere on the layout. Further, it doesn't only affect the first field you try to enter, but every single field.