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FileMaker Go 15 giving Error 3 on Insert File script step

Question asked by anchorbuoy on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by anchorbuoy

I’m trying to use the `Insert File` script step (with dialog option: `as reference`) on FMGo 15 to check whether a given file exists. However, I’m getting Error 3 (Command not available) as a result. Insert File support is listed as “Partial” on but I can’t find any specifics as to what is “partial” about it.


Even more curious, in FM14, Go support is listed as “yes” for that script step. It’s unclear what changed (or if it was a documentation bug) []


Has anyone run into this problem before? Any other suggestions for the underlying goal, which is to check whether a file exists (on FMGo 15 in a quick, plugin-free fashion)?