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Baaaahhhh. Okay. Not so sure why I'm having such a hard time with this one. So here we go...Appraisers work on a fee basis. Depending on when they get the appraisal report completed determines when they get paid. Instead of having to rely on "Date Billed" and wondering if that job was on the last paycheck? or is it on this paycheck? what we started doing was something rather simple and effective. In addition to marking the record with "Date Billed" We mark each record (once the report is complete) as follows:


Pay Period Month (Text Field): January or February, or March, etc.

Pay Perod (Number Field): 1 or 2 (for first half of the month or second)

Pay Period Year (Number Field): 2015, 2016, 2017, etc.


So now for this pay period all we have to do is search:

Pay Period Month: October

Pay Perod: 2

Pay Period Year: 2016


Since the change...0 issues. Yay me. All the jobs that were completed within these two weeks will pop up. We don't have to worry about accidentally missing a job when we do payroll. Works like a charm.


Now comes the issue.

To keep track of the performance of the appraisers the Boss wants to do a search based on the aforementioned parameters. I have a simple summary that lists all of the appraisers and their total billout numbers.



Pay Period Month: January-March

Pay Period: 1 & 2

Pay Period Year: 2016


This search actually brings up

Pay Period Month: March, May, June, July, January

instead of: January, February, March


I've created two separate fields "Search PPM_Start" and "Search PPM_End" that are linked to the value list that contains the months in chronological order. Furthermore, I have a script that sets the field "Pay Period_Month" to display "Search PPM_Start" & "..." & "Search PPM_End". Only when the search occurs I get that exact same result. Baaahhh. Help please.


I just want to run a search that brings up January through March...without having to use "New request"


Thanks for the help!!!! Maybe one day I'll be able to contribute to this forum instead of always leaching off of you guys!


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