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FMPA 15.02 memory leak?

Question asked by justinc on Oct 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by siplus

I started noticing a problem in the past few days where doing nearly anything in layout mode in FMPA was sluggish:  clicking from object A to objectB would take .5 - 1 second to register; clicking into a text object would take similar amounts of time; double clicking buttons to open the definition window, etc.  It doesn't seem like much time, but it is extremely noticeable and has a significant impact to my workflow.  I have to click - pause - click pause - click...


I do tend to leave FMP up and running all the time.  So I checked on my Activity Monitor and FMPA process was sucking up 7.25GB of memory!  And this was after I had closed all of my open files.  (See screenshot - shows the 'Window' menu with nothing visible, and the Activity Monitor stat line.)  So I would guess it is a memory and swapping issue (I have 8GB of system RAM).


FMPA 15.02

OS X 10.11.6

8GB RAM     (so FM pretty much is taking up the whole thing)


4 plugins installed (2emp family, 2emp Dev Asst, BaseElements, custom plugin); only BE and the custom plugin are enabled.



I closed and restarted FM, then opened the two files that I normally have open.  FM is using up only 310MB of memory now (0 compressed).  Maybe this same memory hog-i-ness is causing the weird blank-row-when-scrolling issue I have seen in one of my files.