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How to get related field contents to display in portal?

Question asked by GoogleMac on Oct 24, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2016 by philmodjunk

My issue is not so much in making a conditional calculation, it is in getting the contents of a related field.


I have 2 databases. One is called Caller ID and it gets populated with caller ID information as the calls are coming in, but we never actually look at this database. The second database is Customers. On our main view (not in either Caller ID or Customers databases), we have a portal (as a side panel) to show the incoming calls. This portal can show the Caller ID information just fine.


We also have customer records that are linked to each caller (it finds their record based on the number they are calling from). We have a field in the Caller ID database that shows the related customer, so I know it is recognizing this. I just can't get the related customer's name to show up in the Caller ID portal.


To sum it up: The portal is displaying the time of the call and the caller number. I can't get it to also display the related customer name. However, I can get the related customer to be displayed in the Caller ID database, but it sits in the background and there is no option to show that field in the portal.


My idea was to create a field in the Caller ID database that calculates the field contents of the related customer's name (I know this is frowned upon because it takes up space) using the Get function, and then just display that in the portal, but even this did not work.