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    experiences time series data analysis


      Dear All,


      I would like to ask some general questions at this stage about Filemaker's capability for time series data analysis.


      I am interested to know:

      • What have been people's experiences of using Filemaker for Time Series Data Analysis?
      • How far one can go with Time Series Data Analysis using Filemaker?


      I have also been processing generalised data on sanctions with the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council NMC. I have created over 250 fields. I realise that I would need to create average calculation after average calculation as more fields. My particular interest is in regression analysis (rather than stochastic forecasting) on 2 variables which indicate the end of NMC process for the individual. Everything is thoroughly grouped and categorised in the table with over 250 fields.


      Can Filemaker Pro do a time series regression analysis? or even a time series stochastic analysis?


      I would like to do as much time series data analysis in Filemaker, so that I don't have to do it in Stata (or R), which have very specific command language.


      Many thanks for your guidance.


      Dominic Joannou