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Paying taxes... and making records of it

Question asked by LeszekŁuczkanin on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2016 by beverly


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I have 3 types of customers:


  1. Has to pay tax  fixed - every month the same amount.
  2. Has to pay tax unfixed - every month different value
  3. Doesn’t have to pay

At the end of the year I give back 20% of taxes that was paid to me, so I need to summarize this incomes for everyone and then count 20% of it. And check if I pay it out.

I need a tool which will show me summary of all customers that has to pay with an amount every one paid each month. I also would like to have a portal (or anything) in my CUSTOMER layout to see how this particular customer was paying this year.


Problem is, that some of customers pay once a month all amount, while another pays few times a month, so sometimes it is 1x 4000,00 $ and another time it is 4 x 1000,00 $ a month.


Any ideas, please?