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Custom Web Publishing Crashes (But WebDirect Stays Online) - FMS15

Question asked by AndrewCohn on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by dyzma

Hi All,


I have a two-machine deployment of Filemaker Server 15, one machine acting as the database server and the other machine acting as the "worker" web server machine. We run both a WebDirect site on the Filemaker 15 Server as well as a PHP Custom Web Publishing site. We have been experiencing random, periodic crashes to our CWP website. The symptoms will be that any page that requires access to the Filemaker database will completely fail to load, and when checking on the Master Filemaker Server machine, the Web Publishing Engine appears to be deactivated in the Server console page. However, our WebDirect site is still functioning as well as our database is still online and being served. The only thing that seems to solve the problem is rebooting the Worker machine. I can't identify any noticeable pattern of errors in either server's Console or in the Filemaker Server console Log Viewer. This is all causing real problems because there can't be someone around to reboot the server whenever this happens. Without further clues, looks to me like somehow the CWP site is losing connection with the Filemaker database, but both the database and the web server are actually still running.


Can anybody give some pointers on more places to look for clues on what may be causing this issue?