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    Junk Yard software


      Hello, every one. Does somebody know if is there a junk yard or car salvage business solution on Filemaker?

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          David Moyer


          it can always be built if it doesn't already exist.  There are plenty of folks (like myself) ready to do so.

          p.s. Oh, I should add that I've personally done all the repairs on my own 1995 Cherokee, so I know something about car parts.

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            LOL. I am sure you and others, including me, can work developing one. I was wondering if there's one already built


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              We've a full management system for scrap metal recycling that manages the process from and to the weighbridge; it is not integrated into the weighbridge.


              It is an interesting industry as your suppliers are actually your customers who bring the scrap and you pay them. The system integrates customers, cash book, bank payments, hauliers, deliveries, invoicees. Effectively it is split between goods in, where metal is calculated based on ferrous, non-ferrous and other categories, plus things like catalytic converters and convert weight into cash value. Due to the changing value of metal the grades and rates are maintained on a very regular basis.


              The payment for recycling is very tightly controlled in the UK, with many forms of identification required and no cash can be paid, everything has to be done via bank transfer. To avoid the previous lengthy process of taking passports, driving licenses, utility bills and tracing them via filing systems/photocopies, we introduced iPad Minis and stands that photograph all documentation and records this, with all legacy identification, against each contact record. I've attached a photo of unit before it was positioned. This feature reduced the identification time from about 15 minutes per driver to under 2 minutes.


              The system is pretty mature, having been in operation for 4 years and is currently running in FileMaker v14 on Macs (albeit the weighbridge software has to run in a VM on Parallels).


              We will be putting this on our new SaaS website within the next quarter.


              p.s to follow the theme, I'm an ex car mechanic - LOL!