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    Parse and Import BIBTEX file




      I am building a faculty profile database for my University where I plan to store and track various data regarding individual faculty.

      Each faculty can log in to modify their own record. I wish to include a BIBTEX PARSER that can take in or import a bibtex file, parse it and store the data into respective fields in the filemaker database.


      There are many parsers available for Java, Python, Django, etc. But I am unable to get any idea how to proceed in filemaker. 

      Can anybody please help me?


      I would be most grateful for ANY hints!


      Thank you



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          You would have to build your own unless someone who has already done so is willing to share or sell their work.


          FileMaker comes with a fairly rich set of text manipulation functions that can be used to parse text. FileMaker also comes with the ability to create custom functions and many developers have produced clever and powerful custom functions that parse text--you might even find one for BIBTEX ready made if you look.


          A popular site for finding/sharing custom functions is put out by Brian Dunning so you might web search for that site. It is not the only such site.

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            It looks somewhat similar to JSON.


            If there are php or JavaScript parsers, they may be able to be leveraged to see the structure of the parsing.


            See these also


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              David Moyer


              I couldn't really tell from the Wikipedia article, are you wanting to parse a text file for data within?  If so, how large and complicated are these files?  You might be able to get away with something simple, like ...

              Another custom function for text parsing

              You just need a predictable starting and stopping point within the text to extract the value you're looking for.  For example, from the Wikipedia article, given


              author    = "Milton {Abramowitz} and Irene A. {Stegun}",

              title     = "Handbook of Mathematical Functions with

                            Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables",

              publisher = "Dover",

              year      =  1964,

              address   = "New York City",

              edition   = "ninth Dover printing, tenth GPO printing"


              then ParseValueByBookends ( $myTextResult; "publisher = \""; 1; "\"" ) would yield Dover.

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                Sorry for the late reply, but thank you very much, I am going to have a look at the tool.


                Thanks again!

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                  If you need to do this file conversion yourself (that's how I would do it), look no further than the #1 programming language: Java.


                  GitHub - jbibtex/jbibtex: Java BibTeX API


                  I also saw this: BibTeX Links




                  To do this import in FileMaker, since FileMaker (surprisingly) lacks any Low Level File Functions (LLFFs), FileMaker would force you to import the entire file into a table then process each row in a slow script. (Possibly some Plug-in might work differently.) While FMP's text manipulation tools are reasonable, they don't compare to what you can do in Java (.NET, etc.) and would not be nearly as fast (FMP scripts are glacially slow in loops). Bottom line (IMHO): For low-level file manipulation, you can not beat a real programming language.


                  I'll try to help you if you post back.


                  HOPE THIS HELPS.