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Rebooted FMServer and my database is now days old

Question asked by ryanmead83 on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2016 by gdurniak

So I'm pretty upset, I bought FMServer with 5 users and FM Pro for 5 users a month ago.  FMServer is running on Windows Server 2012 in a data centre no problem.  I have 2 schedules, one backs up the database nightly, the other does it hourly saving it to a Google Drive folder.


This morning I was using the system and then I'd get disconnected from my FMAdvanced client so I'd press reconnect but then it kept saying that I'm editing that current record still so I can't modify it, but that I can send a message to myself asking myself to exit the record.  I waited 2 hours, it still would say I'm editing that record, so I tried to connect to the server via Remote Desktop but it wouldn't respond not even to pings, even though I was using the database all morning.


So I logged into my OVH control panel and forced the system to reboot.  10 minutes later I was able to reconnect to my database, however all the custom fields I added this morning are gone, including TONS of work I did, like I mean 7am to 12pm worth of non stop work, all gone.  I check the Google Drive back up folder and see all the hourly back up folders, but every single one is empty for the past 5 days!  The ones before that are all fine.  The nightly back up was there showing midnight last night which opens but of course is missing all my new work.  I'm not accidentally using a local copy either, I just formatted my laptop the other day and have literally nothing on it.  If I open a back up file it asks if I want to open it locally or the server, so I know the difference between opening a file locally.


So not only does the back up just not work but for some reason it was just saving all my work today to basically no where?  The changes were saving as I kept working with changed records so it's not like I'd type in data and then just think it saved, it 100% was there.  Not sure why a simple reboot would erase 24 hours worth of work but anything else I can try?  I'm literally at the point that I'm ready to just lose $1500 I paid for this and go back to our old solution as I feel that I cannot trust this at all now since I'll never know if my work is actually saving or if I'm just wasting my time.


Quick edit, I checked the logs and it says the last several backups never ran because there was no changes to the file.  That's impossible, how could there be no changes to the file when I was adding and changing records all morning?!