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My data is repeating itself unnecessarily

Question asked by on Oct 25, 2016
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I inherited a Filemaker Pro database when I started a new job with a small newspaper. The database manages the paper's advertising accounts.

With the creation of a e-Edition, we need to add a new field to the database. This is a flat-rate field similar to color rate that we have in the database which is also flat-rate.

I successfully added the new field, which we called "LiveLink", through both the "edit layout" button on each pertinant page and through the "manage database" function where I "created" the new field. It all seems to be working insofar as the field is linked into the necessary pages.

However, when I add an amount into one file of a customer's account (one ad buy), that amount is added to all ad orders in the customer's account. 

I've compared the settings for this new field with the settings for the "color rate" field and they are identical. What do I need to do to get the "LiveLink" charge in one order without having it repeat in all the orders in one account?