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    FileMaker Pro 11 installer


      I recently suffered an irreparable hard drive malfunction on my MacBook Pro, resulting in the loss of my FileMaker Pro 11 app.  I contacted FileMaker to ask whether I could reinstall and, after explaining that this version is no longer officially supported, they sent me a link to a trial FM Pro11 installer.  This didn't work because of incompatibility with the OS of my new MacBook (Sierra), so FileMaker suggested that I come on to this forum, as they felt that someone on here might have a full FM Pro11 installer that I could get a copy of.  If this is so, I would be extremely grateful for the help.  Many thanks in advance.



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          The trial version is the full installer.  Its only limit is that it stop working after 30days if no license number is used.  FMP 11 is not  supported on Sierra, you would need to upgrade to FMP15.  

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            Thank you for your post!


            If the FileMaker Pro 11 Trial will not install and function on OS X 10.12 (Sierra), I wouldn't expect you to have any better luck with a standalone installer. The trial is the full installer of the software, but with a trial key.


            I was unable to find an order of FileMaker Pro 11 with the Name or Email Address on your profile to send you download links of the installer.


            You may want to check into the Free Trial of FileMaker 15 software. You solutions can be converted to the latest version.



            FileMaker, Inc.

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              Dear TS Pigeon,


              Thanks for your reply.


              I am not surprised that the trial installer and the stand alone installer

              are the same but the bloke at FileMaker Support said that I should try the

              trial installer and then add my licence key.  But, as I said, it didn't



              Regarding my original purchase, this was in 2012 and the Name is Rick Walsh,

              the e-mail address is walshrick6@googlemail.com.  Thanks again for your




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                FileMaker Pro 11 actually works quite well on Sierra, better than it does on  El Capitan in fact.


                Unfortunately the installer doesn't work as it misses out some of the steps including the part where you enter the license key.


                I had exactly this problem and got round it by installing it on a machine running Snow Leopard then copying the FileMaker Pro 11 folder from Applications onto a USB and copying it into the Applications folder on the Sierra machine.


                If you don't have a machine with any other OS installed, I will make the folder for you.

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                  I have now actually got the trial version to work on Sierra but without, as you say, the opportunity to enter my licence key.


                  I don't have a machine with a different OS, unfortunately, and I would be absolutely delighted to take you up on your very generous offer.  Many thanks indeed.

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                    I was unable to find anything myself. If you do feel you purchased the FileMaker Pro 11 as download from us, I'd suggest getting back in touch with support.



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                      While we do not technically support the FileMaker Pro 11 software over the phone, you are still entitled to software you purchased through FileMaker.



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                        Copy the complete content of the Installer.dmg to your hard drive. Then right-click on the "FileMaker Pro 11.mpkg" --> "Show Package Contents". In there is a file "Assisted Install.txt", enter your license information and set AI_REGISTRATION to 0, save the changes. Right-click "FileMaker Pro 11.mpkg" choose "Open".

                        Now it should install fine.


                        best regards


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                          Many thanks for this advice, Otmar.  I followed it and it worked like a charm.  Thanks again.


                          Best regards



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                            @okramis I have gone through the steps you listed but when I try to unlock the "Assisted Install.txt" it will not let me, it only allows me to duplicate the file but then I can not save it into the same folder.


                            Would you know what I could do???





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                              I have a client with a new Sierra MacBook that needs to reinstall version 11, so I'm trying to see if that's possible.

                              I can't vouch for this process working, since the installer file the client has already indicates "AI_REGISTRATION=0" and it didn't work for them. They're getting an error message, "This application has been installed incorrectly or modified by another program. Please run the installer to get a fresh copy of the application after determining the cause"


                              Anyway, you might need to copy the contents of your installer .dmg file to your computer. THEN you can open the package and edit the assisted install file. the .dmg is read-only.


                              Is this your situation, and does this work for you?


                              -- Erik

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                                This didn't work for me. Lost my previous install of FM11 due to a hardware theft and now trying to install on my new laptop. I previously ran it on Sierra on the previous one with no problems, because it was on there long before I upgraded the OS.


                                So, now I've copied the install .dmg contents to my hard drive, entered the license info and set AI_REGISTRATION to 0 in AssistedInstall.txt, installed it, and still get the error.


                                This is a major pain, I have small-biz clients who are still on FileMaker 11 on older machines and they're simply not going to pay to upgrade everything.



                                EDIT: Going to see if I can get things running in VirtualBox. This is a hell of a lot more work than I expected to have to do.

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                                  Okay, it was a major pain, but with a great deal of fuss and bother, as well as a lengthy and unpleasant voyage into Terminal.app, I got an El Capitan virtual machine running in VirtualBox and networked to my host Sierra machine. I copied the FM 11 installer t it, successfully installed FM 11 to the virtual machine drive, zipped the FileMaker app folder and copied it back to my Sierra machine, unzipped, launched, and it seems to work fine.


                                  The upshot is, seems like running the installer on Sierra is a 100% no-go even with the AssistedInstall.txt trick, but installing on El Cap or earlier, zipping, and copying works fine.