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    Automatic Back-up?




      I recently made a mistake on my Mac through time-machine where I restored an earlier version of my file (1hr earlier) by replacing the current file. However, after it was done, my file became the version back in September because I guess that is the last time I closed out of the file and I think FMP commits file only when it is closed.

      Now whenever I go back to time machine, all the previous versions of the file are from the file from the version in September. Is there any way to restore the version of file I had earlier this afternoon?


      Thank you and I would really appreciate the help!!



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          You didn't close the file since September? Then no. There isn't a way.

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            Thank you for the response!


            As a follow up, I think it is a design flaw for the file to not have automatic commit because I do not close my file on the server for a reason, and this could be a great implement to the current FMP


            Thanks again.



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              You could easily write an Install On Timer script to commit records after an interval you choose.

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                FM does not only commit records when FM closes.   You can place a 'commit record' script step in a script, use a script timer that runs a script to commit the record, and clicking on the layout outside of a field will commit the record. 


                FMS server makes regular backups.   If the file is hosted with FMP then you can create your own script with a script timer to automatically backup your file.

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                  Markus Schneider

                  If You don't have FileMaker server (what would be an overkill for one user), then

                  - quit FileMaker when You are not working with the databases

                  - if You want to have the db open all the time, then create a script that creates a copy of Your db in a intervall

                  -- so, You could have every 2hrs or so a copy that should go to time machine

                  -- as mentioned in other postings here, You can have that script running via an On Timer Script

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                    Markus Schneider

                    an other approach: Host Your db! There are many hosting companies with FileMaker server. Doesn't cost much and it's a perfect solution - as long as You have network wherever You are working. Due to changes of the licence agreement, FileMaker server 15 hosting might be expensiver - but there are hosters who are running FileMaker Server 14...