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    FM for Quality Management System?


      Hello everyone,

      I'm absolutely new with FileMaker and even I looked at numerous tutorials in the last two days, I still cannot figure out how (if) can I solve my issue: in short, I have to manage the Quality Management System, which is structured like this: 10 major elements, each of them including several packages (folders) of SOPs (procedures) and related records. Most of the elements interact each to another. So, for example: In the "Performance monitoring" element are the following folders: "Management of nonconformities", "Audits", "Performance review" etc. Each of these includes one SOP and several forms, anexes diagrams etc. So like a tree structure. As a first step, I should be able to manage the documentation of the system, which means open, edit and/or delete it, as per needs.

      I cannot figure out what would be the FM structure to develop for this.

      Please suggest how should I proceed, thank you!

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          Seems like you have identified Document management functionality as a key component of your overall quality management system.

          Build the document catalog first.

          i would then treat each of the 10 major elements as modules in the system all of which will have access to the document management component.

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            Storing real documents or pointers to location(s) of documents?


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              Thanks coherentkris! The documents catalog already exists. My problem is how I will develop tables, fields etc. and how/where all these documents will be integrated into them? Actually, this is all about FM databases, right? Tables, fields and relationships! As soon as I will understand how the structure should be, I believe I will be able to manage the documents and their interactions. My goal is to complete manage the system through FM, not only the documents, but this is the first step. After that I would like to have all staff incorporated, with automatic tasks, deadlines, confirmation emails, same for equipment with certifications, inspections deadlines, nonconformities with corrective actions etc etc, they are so many.....

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                Beverly, the real documents will be externally stored, as I understood is the most efficient solution.

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                  External stored is more efficient...but think all the way through your backups plan.


                  I'm still facing backups issue for all of our externally stored (secure) pdf's.


                  If I had it to do over...I would write the procedures themselves into FMP, rather than store all the pdf's.  Several hundred pdfs on FMServer is an ongoing problem for us in the backup architecture.


                  {Look specifically at WHAT gets backed up, how often, and to where....and most importantly whether you cascade into backing up your backups...and how many}  If you accidentally get into a backup loop like I did...it is a huge amount of useless data to pay for.

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                    There are some File-type plug-ins that can provide a little more "oomph", should you need them. For a full-featured Document Management System, the ability to address external document with more than "Open URL"  (for example) may be necessary. I'm beginning to formulate a plan for a client that is going to need Document Management. I'm just thinking that the time I might expend on it 'sans-plugin' would be far greater than any expense for a very nice plug-in.



                    p.s. a good starting point:

                    * Search | Made for FileMaker

                    and/or search this forum, should you consider using Plug-in