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FM for Quality Management System?

Question asked by sorinsuruceanu on Oct 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by beverly

Hello everyone,

I'm absolutely new with FileMaker and even I looked at numerous tutorials in the last two days, I still cannot figure out how (if) can I solve my issue: in short, I have to manage the Quality Management System, which is structured like this: 10 major elements, each of them including several packages (folders) of SOPs (procedures) and related records. Most of the elements interact each to another. So, for example: In the "Performance monitoring" element are the following folders: "Management of nonconformities", "Audits", "Performance review" etc. Each of these includes one SOP and several forms, anexes diagrams etc. So like a tree structure. As a first step, I should be able to manage the documentation of the system, which means open, edit and/or delete it, as per needs.

I cannot figure out what would be the FM structure to develop for this.

Please suggest how should I proceed, thank you!