IOS 10 FMP parameters aren't properly passed to FM GO 14 and 15

Discussion created by ClickWorks on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2017 by ClickWorks

Filemaker GO 14.0.4 and 15.0.2

IOS 10.0.2

iPad Air 2


Description: When opening a FM GO app through a link with the FMP protocol on IOS 10, the app opens correctly but none of the parameters are passed to the app.


URL format: fmp://<<ip adress>>/<<Host app>>?script=download&param=<<FM go app>>[<<USER>>|<<First name>>%20<<Last name>>]


Until before the update to IOS 10 this worked perfectly on my iPad. This issue appeared as well on an iPhone running IOS 10, while it worked fine on IOS 9. While the exact same link works for iPads running IOS 9.


How to replicate: Update to IOS 10, launch a FM GO app through a FMP link with a script and pass a parameter to the script. Make sure this parameter becomes visible in the app: eg. set field. Once the app opens all parameter seem to be empty.