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Auto Calculated Fields

Question asked by on Oct 27, 2016
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When are they calculated?


I have an Invoice Database where there is a Goods Value, Discount %, Discounted Amount, Discounted Goods Value, Carriage, Net Value, Vat Rate, Vat Amount and Gross Value. Many of these fields are set up to auto-calculate from the others. For instance Net Value is Discounted Goods Value + Carriage, etc.

Now I have seen situations where the non-calculated fields have data in them, but he calculated fields dependent upon them don't. Only to find the calculated fields are set correctly when I look at them later.


When, precisely, are the values of calculated fields, calculated?


If I can't get to the bottom of this I am going to have redefine the fields and add script steps to calculate them so I can be sure they are set when they need to be.