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    Table creation


      Hello everyone. i am working on the create a table form to the user. The problem is filemaker don't support table insertion/creation like microsoft office. the row and column will not create automatically or delete when needed. my question is is there any method i could use in filemaker to create such form? should i use html or other technique to generate such form.


      Here is part of the form in the TABLE,


      Education: xxxxxx


      Family: ddsads


      Hobbies: dada


      In this form, the user would like to delete for example, the hobbies part when there is no information. However, i could not predict when the user won't use this part. Also, the form is a table, if one part disappear suddenly, it will looks strange.


      Is there any method i could use to solve this problems.


      I am using Filemaker 14.

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          Johan Hedman

          FileMaker is no SQL database/Microsoft Excel data sheet. You need to have all possible files in side one or many tables where you store your data. You can take users to different layout depending on what kind of forms you like then to use to show them just relevant fields for that user


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            Thank you. so there is no way for filemaker to create a layout/writing a script, etc like i create a table in pages/microsoft word?

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              I think, perhaps you mean a layout as layouts are based on a table (those fields from the table). But the table with fields is created by the developer, unless the user has full access to the database.


              Perhaps a step back to see how FileMaker works?

              Quick Start Learning:

              The Quick Start Training is designed to help you achieve immediate success with the FileMaker Platform. The first part, Learn, is a step-by-step tutorial to get you familiar with the tools you'll need.


              There are "views" (the arrange of the fields and records), such as a Table View and perhaps that's what you seek. Keep in mind that formulas, such as you would have in Excel are not a part of the Table View.



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                Johan Hedman

                No, you can not create a script or a layout from a script.

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                  Sorry for unclear description. i would like to create a form, for example an application form that containing several boxes. That comes a question, if the users think that one part of the form is an empty box. they would like to delete one of the column in the form so that it will be looked more comfortable. For example,


                  first name:

                  last name:



                  Extracurricular   Education: xxxxxx

                      Activities        Family: ddsads

                                            Hobbies: dada


                  This time they would like to delete the family part, so the form will not adjust automatically and replace hobbies instead of family. In filemaker, i put that field in this layout. it will locate in that position unless i hide the field. My question is: is there any other possible way i could solve this problem or i should leave a empty box of the field in that record?


                  is it much clear to my situation?

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                    yes, you know what you need.

                    1. leave the box and allow user to "hide" (add a button to toggle show/hide for any field & label it is beside)


                    2. tell the user to ignore the empty


                    The "report" can use hiding tricks (hide the label if the field is empty, for example) and sliding to "clean up" the form, but this only shows in Preview mode (and when printed).



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                      Johan Hedman

                      You can have a user enter information and when choosing certain information have a Script Trigger changing layout to another layout where you choose to show other fields.


                      Layout 1



                           Occupation (based on Value List)


                      based on Occupation you then take user to next layout with a Script Trigger


                      Layout 2 for Lawyer






                      Layout 3 for Nurse





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                        Thank you beverly, how to slide to clean up the form? In my point of view, i also prefer option 2, but the users want to have a "clean up" form

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                          Thank you. different layouts could be one of the option i could choose.

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                            "sliding" only works in Preview mode (and when printed).


                            Another suggestion is to have a "form" which is really a table with the form labels. the user chooses which labels to include and a "formID" is assigned with several records (in List View) to display each of the choices.


                            There are still issues with "sliding", as each row is the same height.


                            I suggest this as I have several clients that choose questions for a survey-type form. The survey is created with ID and this is assigned to each of the records (as foreign key). A loop pushes each selected question to the new survey, shows an "answer field" for responses. It get's tricky if they want more than a single field for response (such as radio buttons). But it may be an option for you. The hiding may be preferable!




                            p.s. there are several good requests for sliding in browse mode or more flexible "form control" such as you might have in a web browser.

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                              Thank you, i think sliding is a good answer to my question. one more question, how could i have more control on form(having a web browser) as i am new to filemaker.

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                                forms in a browser need:

                                • html

                                • css (likely)

                                • javascript (likely)

                                and if you are versed in these, great!

                                also needed:

                                • hosting on website to process the form and post back to the database as needed


                                NOTE: you can have a webViewer display a "form", but saving the data back is even more tricky and beyond the scope of this question.



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                                  Could you tell me how could i create form in browser, just write code in the field? how could i store information in the database? 

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                                    you should learn how to write the HTML. you can calculate a field to contain the HTML and concatenate field data as needed.

                                    from there read this: