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Printing reports performance

Question asked by Stu412 on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2016 by Stu412

Hi there


I've noticed some significant performance differences using two methods to print the same report.  My report is a sub summary report, 250 rows of data, plenty of sorting, hiding fields under certain conditions and a relationship to a second table which provides row names.  The report is 7 pages long in total with forced page breaks after certain filters.


When I perform a script to print this report it takes around 6 minutes (either to paper or CutePDF).  The script is simple:


Print [Restore:  ServerName\PrinterName] with options of Pages from 1 to 1. 


The current testing I'm doing requires me changing it to Print All Pages and changing the printer to CutePDF.  It then sits for 6 minutes before rendering a PDF.  Same when going to paper.


I have just tried the following directly from the report onscreen:


Preview>>>Save as PDF (from the Filemaker toolbar)


Dialog shows for Saving PDF file... and in about 90 seconds it's on screen (in Adobe Reader)


There could be issues between CutePDF and Adobe here but I do wonder if anyone else has seen massive improvements when printing via the preview pane?


I'm running this on a Windows network, FM has Server 13 on its on VM.