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    Webviewer Form


      Hello everyone, i am new to filemaker. i would like to create a form using webviewer as it gives more control of the application form and much more flexible.


      what should i do if i would like to have this form? i should have a domain for this website? so how do i store the information enter in the web.


      Do anyone have any suggestion what i should do in order to build this application form

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          I am not sure how it will be much more flexible or how you get more control, but if you like doing web forms that is fine I guess.


          You want to use a web viewer on the layout.


          The information is not stored on the we like a traditional website. The page data is stored in a web viewer calculation. Could also be a field.


          Do a search on web viewers and you will get a lot of helpful information.

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            Thank you. The situation is the user would like to skip some of the field during data entry. As a result, there are some blank fields in the layout. They would like to remove those fields That means "clean up" the form. I have considered the slide function but it is not successful. I try to use webviewer to create form. i think it will be much more flexible.Is that right?