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Find top 57 records

Question asked by Stu412 on Oct 28, 2016
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Hi there


I have a scenario where I need to get the top 25% of records from a varying size of found set and I'm looking to script this.  The top 25 records need to be the highest in value from the overall found set, so currently I have something like this (Forgive the pigeon scripting):


Enter Find Mode

Set Field (Code = 10)

Perform Find

Sort by Value, Descending


This returns say, 225 results.  I can use Get(FoundCount)/4 to establish I actually need 56.25 (57) records.


So, how can I remove the bottom 168 records from the found set?


This will form part of a script which will loop over around 100 times (the code 10 above is just one of many codes), so ideally needs to act nicely in a loop.


Thanks in advance