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List view layout fails to render records intermittently

Question asked by justinc on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2019 by justinc

I have run into an issue in the past few weeks...month perhaps:  I have one file (local) that I used all the time and leave open all the time.  (I'm tracking my time throughout the day.)  I have one list view where I added these records with a sub-summary part for each day.


The issue is that sometimes it gets into a state where the rows for the records stop rendering in the layout - there is just an empty blank gray box where the record should be.  The space for the record is still as it should be - there's just nothing there.


Scrolling the record off then back into view sometimes causes it to render correctly - sometimes not.  Sometimes you can find the single scroll increment that causes the record to show and then hide again - scroll it up one pixel and it hides, scroll down one and it shows up again.  (This is always when the top of the body-element/record is at the top of the visible window; you can still see the entire blank area, but the top 1 pixel of the body is off the screen or on the screen.)


It's not always the same records that are hidden; scrolling quickly seems to exacerbate the problem.


Until today it has always been just the body element that was blank; but then today I noticed that at least one sub-summary part was empty.


I have attached a screen shot that demonstrates these various conditions.  And it only appears to happen in this one file.


Oh, forgot some basics:

FMPA 15.02

OS X 10.11.6

Plugins:  BaseElements and a custom one  (I'll have to do some testing on the file when I don't need the plugins.)