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Slow SQL/ESS import using ODBC from sqlServer.

Question asked by on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by destroid

Our company moved from Oracle to Microsoft sql Server last year and I switched ODBC drivers accordingly.  Using the Filemaker recommended drivers from Actual Technologies, my SQL queries and general browsing of views is twice as slow on sqlServer compared to what I experienced using Oracle.  Queries (called from a macro) that took 15 minutes suddenly took 50-60 minutes.


My database administrator (DBA) suggested I add the "hash" command to several of my join statements and this took 10 minutes off the time.  The DBA then contacted our Microsoft sqlServer rep who came for a visit.  They turned on some network and database monitoring and found that the issue is not with sqlServer or the network, but rather with Filemaker.  It appears there's a limitation as to how quickly Filemaker can accept the data as it's received from the server.  They've contacted Actual Technologies to see if the limitation is with the ODBC driver or Filemaker.


Does anyone know of a similar support contact at Filemaker so I can pass that on to our Microsoft representative?  This is probably common to anyone connecting to a large sqlServer database so I'm hopeful any fix will benefit the whole Filemaker community.