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FM pro 15 problem accessing files saved with FM being accessible in window explorer

Question asked by fastems on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2016 by philmodjunk



I have several solutions that I have made using FM pro 15 client.

However I cannot access, copy, move or view any of the files under windows Explorer.

I must open FM and browse to see the files within a directory.

I also can't save any files under FM onto another drive. I get the error message saying: "Disk F: is write protected File cannot be saved on a write protected disk"


I am currently accessing the .fmp12 files within a local directory on the computer.


I am about ready to deploy the solution, but can't make copies for backups that cant be accessed through windows, seems to be a problem regarding file permissions.


Anyone have a thought how this can be fixed?