How to select a custom dialog box, via a script

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Sorry! another question!


I am creating a button to duplicate a record and (via the custom dialog box) enter some data into  two fields.

Which fields these are, depends on the button pressed, and the contents of a separate field called "Bought In" this field has either "Bought In' or 'Home Grown' as a result.


I am using the Get(lastmessagechoice) = 1, but I also need to make the script look at the 'bought in' field and change which dialog box is presented to the user, depending on the result in the Bought in field!


My question is


How do I write the script to do this?


I have been trying, with no success, as soon as I try and add the extra 'bought in' field into the script, it stops!


I look forward to your reply!