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Renewing Comodo SSL certificate for FileMaker Cloud

Question asked by greglane on Oct 27, 2016
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I'm having trouble finding documentation on how to renew the trial Comodo SSL certificate in FileMaker Cloud. If anyone has actually done this, could you please help with a few questions?


Clicking the "Renew Comodo Certificate" button in the FileMaker Cloud console leads to a page at Step 1 requires a CSR. Where do I get the CSR from FileMaker Cloud?


The Comodo form also asks for, "the server software used to generate the CSR". FileMaker Cloud is not in the list. Should I choose "Other"?


The first time I followed the button to go to the Comodo site a few days ago, the 1-year price was $69.77. Today, the price is showing as $99.95. Is this the expected price?