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    I can't access some tables?


      Hi all,


      I work as a researcher for a charity and I have inherited the legal research database from the person who used to be in charge of it. She has since left and there was no opportunity for handover, and she's left no documents explaining her processes. She created this database using Filemaker on her personal computer. Now that she's left and I am in charge of it, I need access to the large amount of data she had accumulated but I don't want to keep using Filemaker (due to the price and the fact that I do not have time to train myself in using it). I've been exporting data to Excel fairly successfully so far.


      However, I can see (in 'Manage your database') that there are tables that I have not been able to access. I have been navigating the database using the layout dropdown menu that I assume she had set up, but she must not have included every table. I have not found an option giving me access to these tables.


      I have had no training in using Filemaker and am simply trying to learn to navigate it as I go. The data contained in this database is very important for the organisation's work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!