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FMS15 does not really send e-mail from script under MacOSX

Question asked by Eiserklaus on Oct 28, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by Eiserklaus

I have a script that sends an e-mail per smtp server without dialogue. Nothing else for now.

It works from Windows workstations (win7-Win10). The script editor shows it is compatible with the FMP15 server version and MacOs. If I run it from the server it gets exectutetd with status ok. I have the same smtp settings for mail on the server as for FMPS and I have tested that Safari can send mails from the server and has no ad-blockers etc. installed. I have disabled my Antivirus on the FMserver Mac.

However, despite the script being executed with status ok on the server the mail never arrives if I send it from the Server, while the exactly same script sucessfully sends a mail from the Windows clients.

Does anybody have an idea what else to try?