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Script to filter records based on field value

Question asked by barand on Oct 28, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2016 by beverly

Hello Filemaker users,


I have Filemaker Pro (not advanced) and I have the following situation: Lay-out 1 has a field for project numbers. Lay-out 2 shows a list of the records of the different project numbers. I would like to have a script that will only show the related records in lay-out 2 based on one project number that is selected in lay-out 1.


I have tried the following script:

Step 1: Go to Lay-out 2

Step 2 (tried different find methods): "Enter Find Mode", "Perform Find" and "Perform Quick Find". But was not able to achieve what I wanted.


I hope that you guys can help me with this.


King regards