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i'm having an issue with file permissions on files saved from within FM15pro,

Question asked by fastems on Oct 29, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2016 by fastems


I am using FM15 pro with a modified copy of FM Starting point 4.6.

I started building a solutions using FM13 pro, then upgraded to FM15pro Adv.


My issue is that all files and copies of my solution that are saved on the local HD cannot be viewed or opened from windows Explorer.

I also discovered that I can't export to an excel sheet. from with in FM I can create an excel sheet and save it but cannot find or open the files outside of FM.


I have a directory with about 6 FM databases saved, I can see and load all from within FM but under Win Explorer, when I look into the folders the files are not seen.


I have been looking into the properties of these files and looking the the permissions and setting all to full access but still can't see them.


My question is?

Does FM when you log into a database file change user permission settings of the loaded file.

I also discovered that I cannot save any file within FM on a external media, I get an error the I have not permission and the drive is write protected.


I was thinking that I should reinstall FM15Pro but am afraid tat I will lose all access to my FM solutions that i have spent the last 6 months developing.


Anyone have any ideas how to recover these files?