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I have a Order Entry app that will be hosted in a server with 5 clients over LAN.


The orders from customers usually flood in during a 3 hour window - this takes the joint effort of 4-5 people manning the phones and entering the orders into the system.  It is important that there be zero lag due to high volume.


During other times the performance demands are minimal.


Given today's technology(Oct 28th 2016,) what do you guys recommend as the best practical set up to insure performance is decent?


I am not necessarily constrained budget-wise, but don't want to go overboard...


The following examples are made up from my rudimentary understanding(and reading tons of community articles), so please forgive me if it seems to lack understanding! 


For sake of simplicity, I want to only consider Mac servers.


1) Mac Pro or iMac as the server (Mac mini is becoming weaker by the generation)  Are there benefits from using Xenon (in my context) or something lower is fine(e.g. quad-core I5)?

2) Gigabit Ethernet connection between server and client - but my guess is everybody has this nowadays?

3) Speed of read/write--> Is SSD is sufficient for my needs above, or, use the latest Mac Pro has something even faster called ("PCIe-based flash storage")

4) Clients may be Mac or PC with little difference (provided they are decent.)

5) PSOS (server script) utilization makes a difference if using the latest Mac Pro or iMac?




Thank you.